You only need to do three things

..and if you keep doing them good things will come your way.

We are constantly overwhelmed with information. From influencers to friends, family, and strangers popping up on different screens we sometimes feel very small and meaningless in this big world. The worst you can do is to allow this big world to eat you up, so the key is to stay active.

If you can maintain these three different types of activities at all times, you’ll feel like you’re utilizing your life to the fullest while enjoying new things.

A physical activity

The first thing you should do is pick up some sort of physical activity to do. There is often a misconception that this has to be something that results in a certain physique or look through sweat and tears. This is not the case. You can pick up yoga or even do meditation which has great benefits both mentally and physically.

A social activity

This is something you do with others. You can of course combine this like going to a language learning group, baking classes, or joining a hiking group. Especially in bigger cities, there are a lot of people who look for new people to meet through different activities. You can also invite friends over to your house, cook something nice and play board games or something you all enjoy.

A creative activity

Picking a creative activity can be difficult, but there are so many interesting things you can do! The first that comes to my mind is pottery, painting, and gardening. You can even flip these around to gain some extra income.

These things are of course difficult to do in the beginning, but the entire point of doing three things is so you feel that you evolve as a person. The feeling of accomplishment is one of the best rewards you can get, and once you feel like your activity has become second nature you can switch it out for something new!

Just remember when you watch people online doing something really good like cooking, writing, languages, or painting they probably have thousands of hours invested into their craft!

Keep your head up and start doing something new today!



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