Stop listening to radio music

..and start looking beneath the horizon.

There are 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify daily, but still, you’re listening to the same 5 tracks on repeat as your life depended on it. There are so many things out there we like but have not discovered yet. It’s time to open our ears (and minds) up and let something new in.

From bass slapping to guitar breaking there’s something out there for all ears.

When I was 16 I realized I was tired of routines. Having ADHD I could not focus on anything for more than a day, but I quickly learned how to use this to my advantage. Finding new music, movies, hobbies, and interests felt so nice, and that feeling when you discover a new music genre or director which really hits that spot, makes your week a hundred times better.

Let me suggest some genres and follow it up with a playlist so you guys can check it out and save some valuable minutes.

(Click the genre name for the playlist hyperlink)

City Pop

Originated in Japan during the economic blossom. Upbeat music that matches the mood in the country at the time. Similar to jazz and funk, but with a twist.


We all know salsa, but how often do we really listen to it? Whether you’re looking to improve your Spanish or impress the ladies it’s a genre overlooked by many outside of the latino world.


I see a lot of people who love rap and hip hop but fail to realize a lot of their music took inspiration from gospel. Kanye West, for instance, uses a lot of gospel in his music, but since it’s looped and sampled people think it’s another variation of hip hop. (Spoiler, hip hop is for the most part just people rapping over samples).


A separate article was made on this phenomenon. But, I cannot praise this musical miracle enough. If you like psychedelic rock please check this out as well!

Post Apocalyptic Ompa Rock

It’s honestly hard to find a lot of bands who do post-apocalyptic music combined with gypsy punk in Norwegian these days, but growing up I loved this band and hope you do the same. If you’re learning Norwegian and can’t pick up anything they’re saying that makes us 5.5 million. The dialect they speak is known for being very broad.

Cute Metal

I was going to put metal here, to begin with, but since most of you probably know that genre fairly well, let’s introduce something with a twist. There is not a whole lot of cute metal out there, but I want to share one group I listened to as a joke, but slowly, yet surely it made its way into my playlist unironically.

What music do you enjoy? Any other genres that make you relocate your neck? Let me know!



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